Black Friday Sale – 2016

In this season of giving thanks, we are thankful for our fans... and we're showing our thanks with some special promo/coupon codes! These codes can be used individually, or in combination with each other: blackfridaychallenge2016 - 20% off all Challenge Sets blackfridayfreebie2016 - Free People's Champion Set with a $19 minimum purchase. blackfridayearlybird2016 - The first 10 people who use this coupon code will receive a free Hostile Takeover preview set with a $5 minimum purchase. All orders received between...
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Ophidian 2360: What are Dracyyr?

Millennia ago, an ancient civilization seeded planets throughout the galaxy with the Dracyyr.  They began as primitive lifeforms that, when threatened, would unleash terrible destruction.  They were meant as a way to forge the native species on different worlds, to remove those that were not strong enough to overcome the Dracyyr, and to temper those that could. There are endless legends of such creatures throughout the known universe.  On Earth, they were known as Dragons or Wyrms.  The constellation Draco is also...
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Ophidian 2360: People’s Champion – Launching tomorrow!

Our latest Kickstarter campaign will be launching tomorrow, Tuesday October 4th.  Ophidian 2360: People's Champion a mini-expansion that has some great subthemes, new mechanics, and some great politically-themed artwork.  You won't want to miss this one! It will be running for just 14 days, and shipping just two short weeks after the campaign ends! Stay tuned for the Kickstarter Link!
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Gen Con Countdown – The Game is Almost Here!

The time has almost come... to enter the arena in Ophidian 2360: Survival of the Fittest! Gen Con 2016 is next week, be sure to stop by booth #2809 to say hello if you're going to be there. Today we feature the first of many upcoming reviews - from Purely Entertaining Ophidian 2360 Prototype Review   We also have an article in next month's Game Trade Magazine, you can read the digital version here: Game Trade Magazine Article That issue...
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