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Hack and Slash Games – Ophidian in the News!

Hack and Slash Games and Ophidian have been getting a lot of coverage lately… with our Ophidian 2360 Kickstarter being fully funded within 24 hours, the good news will only continue!

ACMG WARP ZONE WEB LOGORobert and Jason were interviewed by the ACMG Warp Zone.  They talk about Ophidian and Hack and Slash Games, check it out!   Hack and Slash Games is sponsoring ACMG’s next Omega Fist Tournament,   These epic battles are not to be missed!




Geek-o-Rama wrote an article about our Kickstarter!  Read on…



ICv2 announced our Kickstarter campaign!   Learn more…





Game Trade Magazine published an article about Ophidian 2350.  Enter and explore…



CheerleaderFinally, here’s a preview image of one of the new cheerleaders in the game, by Jose Fernandez.


If you’re going to The Heart of Texas Con this weekend, be sure to stop by and say hello, we’re at Bob’s Weekend Wonders!

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