Heckler Shield

Card Name: Heckler Shield Card Type: Pump Keyword(s): Armor Discipline Requirement(s): Universal (2 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 3/1 Momentum: Negative Gametext: <Response> 1 Cheer, Destroy this card : You may Destroy target <Fan>. Pumped Character receives -1 <Attack Damage> (-2 <Attack Damage> if this card Destroyed a <Fan>) Flavor Text: "He's at it again! That fan is going to wish he hadn't heckled Arkzilipul!" - Shaun, ArenaZone Host Illustrator: Michael Cunningham Card Set/Number: SotF 141   This card is often misunderstood.  Let's review how it works:  If you play this...
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Blood Motives

Card Name: Blood Motives Card Type: Quick-Hit Keyword(s): Instinct Discipline Requirement(s): Warrior (1 or greater), Warrior (0 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 3/N/A Momentum: Response Gametext: After a Character declares an Attack : Pay <1 Life> from your Defending Character, it is -1 <Rage> for the Attack (this may trigger Rage) Flavor Text: Some alien species use blood in complex rituals as a part of their preparation for battle.  Others simply enjoy spilling it. Illustrator: Franz Vohwinkel Card Set/Number: SotF 129 This card can definitely surprise your opponent.  Because you are paying one...
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Contact Virus

Card Name: Contact Virus Card Type: Pump Keyword(s): Bio-Decay Discipline Requirement(s): BioGen (1 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 2/1 Momentum: Negative Gametext: <Response> After Pumped Character deals <Attack Damage> to target Unset Character : Place on target Character. During the Regenerate Step of the Breather, Pumped Character receives 1 <Direct Damage> Flavor Text: none Illustrator: John Moriarty Card Set/Number: SotF 054   How does this card work?  That's a question that is often asked about Contact Virus.  Here's how:  Play it on your own Character before they Attack an Unset Character,...
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Inferno Spirit

Card Name: Inferno Spirit Card Type: Minion Keyword(s): Fire, Spirit Discipline Requirement(s): Mystic (1 or greater), Mystic (0 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 2/2 Momentum: Negative Gametext: <Response> <Set> : Target Gladiator gains +1 <Attack Damage> <Response> <1 Resource> : +1 <Attack Damage> (Repeatable 2) Flavor Text: none Illustrator: Michael Cunningham Card Set/Number: SotF 065 The Inferno Spirit is a flexible multi-role Minion.  It can either assist a Gladiator, enhancing their Attack, or it can Attack on its own, dealing damage...
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