Contentious Barrier

Card Name: Contentious Barrier Card Type: Pump Keyword(s): Utility Discipline Requirement(s): Universal (2 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 3/- Momentum: Response Gametext: Target opponent must pay for this card As a -, target opponent may Destroy this card and gain (4). Flavor Text: "We're gonna build a wall to keep those Dracs out! It'll be huge!" - Gerald Grunt, Vanguard Order Chief Atribute Modifiers: none Illustrator: Patrik Björkström Card Set/Number: PC 007   What if you could throw a wall up between your Gladiator and it's attacker? That's what this...
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Epic Warrior

Card Name: Epic Warrior Card Type: Pump Keyword(s): Utility Discipline Requirement(s): Universal (3 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 2/1 Momentum: Negative Gametext: Response - When Pumped Character Sets to Attack : Gain (3) (or (4) if Pumped Character is a Legend) Flavor Text: none Atribute Modifiers: none Illustrator: Zhenya Chung Card Set/Number: SotF 140   Do you like resources?  Do you like extra resources?  This is the card for you! For a relatively low cost, this card can pay for itself and then some.  If you can keep it in...
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Major Update!

As this weekend's retail store splash continues, we wanted to release some important information to you... we're updating the Ophidian 2360 rules a bit. While playtesting some balance adjustments for tournament play, the feedback on one particular rule was so strong that we decided to incorporate it into the regular rules of the game.  (there are a few small adjustments, but this change is the most significant) Promote – Players may Promote up to two different Gladiators, raising each up...
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Blighted Blade

Card Name: Blighted Blade Card Type: Pump Keyword(s): Demonic Discipline Requirement(s): Summoner (2 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 5/Cannot Be Maintained Momentum: Response Gametext: Plays on target non-Spectral Gladiator when it takes 2 or more <ADMG> When Pumped Gladiator Attacks, owner of this card chooses the target of the Attack. Flavor Text: none Atribute Modifiers: -1 Life, +5 Rage Illustrator: Alexander Kozachenko Card Set/Number: SotF 100 Curses!  That's what this card is all about... cursing your opponent.  If you can get close enough to stick the blade into them, it...
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