The Return of the Legendary Gladiators

Legendary Gladiators - they hold a special place in the game, and their "sponsors" are partially responsible for our Kickstarter campaign's success. In our last Kickstarter we had a pledge level that allowed a backer to be transformed into a character in the game.  We had several takers and created custom characters based off their likenesses. These generous folks really helped us reach our funding goals and to thank them for it we have decided to bring them back for our...
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Ophidian – A Designer’s Journey

Hello!  I'm Jason Robinette, and I'm a game designer. It's hard to believe that this story goes back to 2002, which seems like a lifetime ago.  I was working as a consultant for various advertising and marketing agencies in New York CIty, and playing a couple of nights a week at the legendary Neutral Ground. [caption id="attachment_4844" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Neutral Ground, NYC[/caption] While I had played a lot of Magic: The Gathering early on, I had moved on to other...
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April, 2018 – Letter from Robert

Hello everyone, this is Robert Shofkom of Hack and Slash Games. On this April Fools' Day, we initially wanted to post a clever prank or joke, but decided that it was time to level with our fans, and start to give some peeks and what we've got going on. StoneMaier Games puts out some great games (such as Scythe), but they are also well-known for their blog posts detailing their experiences with crowdfunding.  Jamie has written over 240 blog posts...
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Elemental Energy

Card Name: Elemental Energy Card Type: Quick-Hit Keyword(s): Conduit Discipline Requirement(s): Mystic (3 or greater), Mystic (1 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 6/- Momentum: Negative Gametext: All <Warrior> Gladiators Unset All <Tech> Characters take 1 <XDMG> All <Mystic> Characters Heal 1 wound All <BioGen> Characters Set All <Summoner> Characters Retreat Each player may draw 1 card for each <Psionic> Gladiator they control Flavor Text: none Illustrator: Jason Engle Card Set/Number: SotF 073   This card is certainly a busy one! What's the plan with this one?  It's best when you...
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