Legendary Gladiators – they hold a special place in the game, and their “sponsors” are partially responsible for our Kickstarter campaign’s success.

In our last Kickstarter we had a pledge level that allowed a backer to be transformed into a character in the game.  We had several takers and created custom characters based off their likenesses.

These generous folks really helped us reach our funding goals and to thank them for it we have decided to bring them back for our new game Galactic Warriors. This new game will re-launch the Gladiator fighting game, set in the Ophidian arenas… and it adds a lot of new content! Drafting, cooperative play, and even solo play… all to be included. If our KS hits enough stretch goals, there will be enough materials in one box for up to 8 people!




We will have a few of these slots open in the Galactic Warriors Kickstarter as well…so be sure and add yourself to our mailing list! This way, you’ll be reminded of our next launch and your opportunity to be immortalized in the game… or get the get a headstart and grab one of the few we’ve got in our store!  Grab one of these ahead of time, and save!  There will only be a limited number of slots available, so act now!

Anyone who becomes a character in the game will also receive a digital copy of their image(s) to share on social media, etc.