As we get closer to the launch of Ophidian Arena, we wanted to take a moment to show one of the significant updates to the game. Reinforcements have always been a part of the Ophidian universe and game, but their role has always been somewhat muted and unimpressive. After countless hours of playtesting and design sessions, we’ve decided that Reinforcements deserve to have more of a kick.

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As you can see, Wither has been improved. Reinforcements no longer have a Maintain cost, their initial VP is reduced to 1, and their attributes are improved. The biggest change, however, is that all Reinforcements can level up from their starting level of 0 to Level 1. You can even choose to level them up the Breather that they come into play, if that’s where you want to assign one of your two available Promotions.

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Lady Leonore has also received an upgrade. She was already pretty powerful at Level 0, but her Level 1 side is even more impressive! Reinforcements now start with a Discipline or two above 0, which allows them to contribute towards playing cards in a more meaningful way. Their higher life attribute means that they should be able to stick around a bit longer as well.

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We’re introducing some additional Reinforcement Gladiators in Ophidian Arena, giving players more options and choices when building their teams. Since players can bring up to three Reinforcements to the game, choosing the right mix of Reinforcements can make a big difference in how the game plays out!

We’re going to be sending preview/review copies of Ophidian Arena to a select group of video reviewers in the coming weeks. If you have a particular channel that you watch (especially one with a high follower/viewer count) please let us know on social media, and we’ll try to get them included in our distribution!