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Hack and Slash Games Adds to its Team

Hugo Ferreira joins the Hack and Slash Games organization  

Houston, Texas: Hack and Slash Games (HSG) has brought Hugo Ferreira into the company as “Community Liaison and Master of Storyline” in recognition for his hard work and community outreach.

Hugo has been working on the Ophidian storyline since 2004, and has had an impressive drive to see to its survival and growth.  “Hugo has been an incredible and irreplaceable part of the Ophidian story for over a decade,” says VP of Marketing and Game Design Jason Robinette.  “Bringing him on board makes a lot of sense, and we will all benefit from his passion and dedication.”  Robert Shofkom, CEO adds, “We wouldn’t be where we are without Hugo’s help, and this addition is long overdue.”

As the company continues to prepare for its next big release, the addition of Mr. Ferreira will allow HSG to increase the depth and impact of the storyline for Galactic Warriors, as well as enhancing the game’s overall universe.

Galactic Warriors is poised to offer a unique combination of game elements including:

  • Constructed and pre-constructed gameplay
  • Randomized (repeat) gameplay through drafting
  • Cooperative and competitive play
  • Unique game mechanics that simulate the flow of combat
  • “All-in-one” game box with high-quality components

About Hack and Slash Games: This veteran-owned game publisher was formed in 2015, and has run two successful Kickstarter campaigns featuring family-friendly products that were produced and printed in the United States.

Hack and Slash Games – Press Release – 091818 (pdf)

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