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Strategy Session - Heckler Shield

Heckler Shield

Card Name: Heckler Shield
Card Type: Pump
Keyword(s): Armor
Discipline Requirement(s): Universal (2 or greater)
Resource/Maintain Costs: 3/1
Momentum: Negative
Gametext: <Response> 1 Cheer, Destroy this card : You may Destroy target <Fan>.  Pumped Character receives -1 <Attack Damage> (-2 <Attack Damage> if this card Destroyed a <Fan>)
Flavor Text: "He's at it again!  That fan is going to wish he hadn't heckled Arkzilipul!" - Shaun, ArenaZone Host
Illustrator: Michael Cunningham
Card Set/Number: SotF 141


This card is often misunderstood.  Let’s review how it works:  If you play this on a Character, you can Destroy it in response to that Character being Attacked to reduce the amount of Attack Damage it receives.   If a Fan is Destroyed when it’s used, it reduces the Damage by 2 instead of 1.

With only one Fan in the game, this card will only get better with the future release of additional Fans… but for now, it’s still a Universal way to protect your Gladiators.  The fact that it can be your Fan or an opponent’s is a nice surprise as well!  The Armor keyword will also become more useful over time.

Spending Cheer is not always appealing, but if it can keep a Gladiator alive, it’s probably worth it!


For clarity, if you see some form of the phrases below, this is what they mean –
“Target receives -1 <ADMG>” = When taking Attack Damage, the target takes 1 less Attack Damage.
“Target is -1 <ADMG>” = Reduce the printed Attack Damage on the target by 1.

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