Card Name: Contact Virus
Card Type: Pump
Keyword(s): Bio-Decay
Discipline Requirement(s): BioGen (1 or greater)
Resource/Maintain Costs: 2/1
Momentum: Negative
Gametext: <Response> After Pumped Character deals <Attack Damage> to target Unset Character : Place on target Character.  During the Regenerate Step of the Breather, Pumped Character receives 1 <Direct Damage>
Flavor Text: none
Illustrator: John Moriarty
Card Set/Number: SotF 054


How does this card work?  That’s a question that is often asked about Contact Virus.  Here’s how:  Play it on your own Character before they Attack an Unset Character, and you can move it onto the target.  Of course, they can also Attack right back, but if all of your Characters are Set, they won’t be able to ‘offload’ the Virus.
Alternatively, you could just play it on the opponent’s Character directly, and they’ll take 1 <Direct Damage> during the Breather.  Since the damage occurs before you have to pay the Maintain Cost, you could simply not pay it and have the Pump go away.

This is one of many ways that BioGen can do damage to an opponent’s Characters, and it’s one of many BioGen cards with the Bio-Decay keyword!  Look for more cards in the future to reference these keywords!

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