Freedom Special!

Happy Fourth of July!    Hack and Slash Games is having a store special to help usher in this year's US Independence Day holiday:  pre-order the new release, and get FREE product! Celebrate Freedom with FREE stuff! If you pre-order any one Ophidian 2360: Survival of the Fittest Challenge Set, enter the coupon code: OphidianArena2016 You will receive 5 free booster packs of the completely compatible Ophidian 2350 card game, along with a special promo card. If you pre-order all three (3) of the...
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The Latest on Ophidian 2360: Survival of the Fittest

Hi everyone!  The game is at the printers, and we're super excited to see this one make it into the players' hands! Have you pre-ordered yours yet?  Pre-orders will be shipping first, just after Kickstarter backers! Everything is on schedule for our August release, stay tuned for more information about our Gen Con 2016 appearance, Organized Play details (starting in September) and future releases! We've got a few more previews for you:                    For more information about the making of...
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Ophidian May 2nd Update

Hello Ophidian Fans! As we continue to put the finishing touches on the upcoming Ophidian release, we're bringing you another preview: Terror Blast (Illus. Ina Wong)  is a card that gives us a good opportunity to review a few rules. When a Character retreats (as an action) they Set if they are Unset.  If they are being Retreated by an action/card, they don't Set.   This is similar to how a Raging Gladiator won't Retreat, but they can be Retreated.  If...
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Ophidian 2360 – Playtesting underway!

Ophidian 2360 development is still underway!  Here are a few more cards to look at: As we get closer to the product launch, we'll keep unveiling some of the new features in the game... stay tuned for the next update, which will include the new way that we are noting Defensive Damage! Playtesting Are you interested in playtesting?   We have three main requirements for our playtest groups: You must have 3-6 players in your playtest group. Playtest results must...
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