VP: 1
Name: Erin Bash
Origin: Toreador, Tarn System
Type: Human, Construct
Gender: Female
Disciplines: Summoner Tech Psionic

Erin Bash’s life changed drastically the day someone broke into one of Helix Co.’s top secret labs. A natural Psionic, she was a natural fit as a security guard, since her abilities allowed her to foresee her opponent’s moves. The intruder was a demonic Gladiator, there to steal some experimental cybernetics. When she was attacked, her ability allowed her to avoid a fatal blow, dodging out of the way of the attack at the last moment. Still, her injuries were quite grievous. The leading lab Tech, Carson Loeb, used experimental cybernetic implants to save her life. She was stabilized, but is in constant inexplicable pain. The implants also boosted her Psionic abilities tenfold.

What’s worse, Erin Bash’s discovered that she also became a Summoner, as her raw Psionic power acted like a siren’s call to the creatures in a neighboring dimension. As Carson attempted to fine-tune her implants, Erin accidentally opened a portal and a mutated creature appeared in the laboratory, killing Carson in the process. As he died, a small part of Carson’s pain and personality was recorded by Erin’s implants. She managed to kill the creature but from that day she knew that Erin Bash was no more, and Livewire was born.

After that incident Livewire left Helix Co.’s lab with only one agenda: revenge on the demon who attacked her and turned her life upside-down. Livewire’s victories come at a price – she is always left with an imprint of the memories and personality of her victims. None are ever quite as strong as Carson’s, and she will sometimes find herself talking to Carson, both to comfort him in his perpetual pain, and to find some solace and comfort in who she has become. Eventually, she tracked down the demon that ‘created’ her, learning that he was a Gladiator – his signature sword is emblazoned in her memory. She yearns for the day when she can face her attacker in the arena and exact her revenge.

2358 Erin Bash gets badly injured during a break-in in a Helix Co.’s top secret lab and to save her she needed Tech implants.
2359 Erin Bash during training with her expanded Psionic abilities she discovers that she is also a Summoner.
2360 Erin Bash becomes to be known as Livewire and enters the Ophidian Games to find a new purpose and take revenge on her attacker, and the forces behind him.

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