VP: 2
Name: Sha’§l’‡ya
Origin: Unknown, Kistarbak Collective
Type: Alien
Gender: Male
Disciplines: Mystic Summoner

Sha’§l’‡ya is an enlightened alien from remote part of the Kistarbak Collective. He is a powerful mystic that gained enhanced sight through extensive meditation. Sha’§l’‡ya learned to open portals by channeling his inner chi and there is no creature he cannot summon. His true goal in the Ophidian Arenas at this time is unknown.

Sha’§l’‡ya’s calm demeanor and diminutive appearance have often led his opponents to underestimate him.   As his reputation grows, this becomes a far less frequent occurrence.

2360 Sha’§l’‡ya volunteers to fight in the Ophidian Arenas.

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