VP: 4
Name: Arkzilipul
Origin: Skiverkilial
Type: Demon
Gender: Male
Disciplines: Mystic Summoner

Arkzilipul is from Skiverkilial, a fierce and chaotic demon dimension, and enjoys nothing but inflicting agony, depression, and torment on lesser beings. He has the ability to suck the souls out of mortal creatures, and also relies on demonic relics for additional strength, using the newly gained life force to further enhance his own demonic presence.

The victim’s life force is drained from their mortal shell, a process that has been compared to being skinned alive. Once the victim’s soul has been completely drained, it is imprisoned within Arkzilipul himself, where it becomes corrupt and bent towards darkness. Consumed by life’s simple vices, there is no disputing his brutality in the arena. Long-time fans know to avoid front row seats in lesser arenas when Ark is fighting, unless they have a death wish.

Because of his unique abilities and resilience, Arkzilipul was recruited by the Vanguard Order to help hunt down and eliminate Dracyyr.

Arkzilipul "deals" with a newly discovered Dracyyr

Arkzilipul “deals” with a newly discovered Dracyyr

2337 Arkzilipul defeats the Devourer of Souls.
2340-2345 Arkzilipul wins the Raskelon singles event six years in a row, ending up with a 4VP rank.
2345 Arkzilipul enters the Ophidian League ranked 3VP.
2346-2348 Arkzilipul fights only in special sanctioned matches.
2349 Arkzilipul wins the Ophidian Ironman Deathmatch and is ranked 4VP.
2350 Arkzilipul enters the Matches at Varrenhold
2350 Interview with Arkzilipul
2350 Arkzilipul vs The Reinforcements
2350 Arkzilipul enters the Ophidian League 2-on-2 Elimination Tournament
2350 Arkzilipul enters the Ophidian League Line Match Tournament
2354 Arkzilipul lost a grudge match to P.K. and disappears.
2355 Arkzilipul is recruited by the Vanguard Order.
2358-2360 Arkzilipul returns in a limited fashion and fights only in special sanctioned matches.

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