Ophidian Disciplines:

Discipline_BioGen BioGen: The Gladiator’s association with genetics and radiation makes disease and mutation kin to their abilities. With disease, the Gladiator can make their opponent sick and weak. With mutation, the Gladiator can change a character, molding him to any purpose or design.
Discipline_Mystic Mystic: Using ancient techniques, Mystics can heal wounds, prevent damage, and harness chi and powers beyond the bounds of science including souls and spirits. What shines within the brightest light and lurks within the darkest shadows? Only Mystics may know the hidden truths.
Discipline_Psionic Psionic: Some Gladiators have telepathic abilities. A Psionic Gladiator can enter an opponent’s mind to reveal hidden information or change their thoughts. Psionic Gladiators are the kings of manipulation, but their power can become physical as well. The dagger of the mind may be the strongest of all.
Discipline_Summoner Summoner: With this Discipline, a Gladiator can manipulate dimensions, time, and space. Portals are gateways, which can lead to infinite possibilities. What horrors may lurk in other dimensions, and what will they do when unleashed?
Discipline_Tech Tech: This Discipline represents those Gladiators who specialize in high technology and the use of resources including robotics and cybernetics. With ever-increasing technology, comes ever-increasing devastation.
Discipline_Warrior Warrior: Gladiators of the Warrior Discipline are skilled in the art of fighting, weaponry, armor and battle-tactics. In the arenas, a well-trained warrior can provide leadership and knowledge that others may lack.
Discipline_Universal Universal: Cheerleaders, the crowd, the media… these are available to anyone, as almost no one is immune to a little bribe here and there. Cards with the Universal symbol can be used in any Arsenal, regardless of the symbols available on your team. Any Discipline at the appropriate level will satisfy this requirement, and this symbol on a Gladiator can satisfy any single Discipline requirement.