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Hack and Slash Games RECOMMENDS! – Game Reviews

2015-12-13 12.54.09

Hey folks!  As a game company we are committed to the “culture” of gaming and want to showcase it with a new section titled “Hack and Slash Games RECOMMENDS!”  We plan reaching out to the gaming community as well as providing our own running commentary to let you guys know when we find a game that is worth checking out!

To get started we have a huge selection of games we traded out with other vendors while at BGGCON 2015 and we have a large selection of games both in our personal collection and that of several gaming groups we attend.

The purpose of these reviews is to share positive gaming experiences and make recommendations based off our personal experiences and those of other fellow gamers!

We will be working on a standardized format and will have a dedicated page for these reviews in the near future, but until then here are a few to tide you over:

Here is a review on Chaosmos a game put out by Mirrorboxgames:

And here is a review on Corporate America by Nothing Sacred Games:

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