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Hack and Slash Games Recommends – Codenames! (BGGCON 2015)

Welcome to the next installment of our new video series: Hack and Slash Games Recommends!  

If we have played a game and we liked it… WE are going to tell you about it!

Full Disclosure… we are a game company and both make and sell our own games.
Be that as it may, we were GAMERS long before we stated a game company

You can read about our history HERE, to find out more about who we are and why we love games (and geek culture) so much.  In our spare time we host game nights, read/write about games, and have started doing game recommendation videos.

BOOKMARK: Hack and Slash Games Recommends page for future reference!

The latest video:

Hack and Slash Games Recommends – Codenames!

As a reminder, these videos are not “Reviews.”  We will not be putting any negativity into our videos.

If you have a game that you’d like us to Recommend, please contact us, or better yet introduce yourself on our Forums, and we’ll take it from there.  We can’t promise to take a look at every game that we get, but we’ll try!   And of course, if you’re interested in reviewing or recommending our games, please contact us as well!

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