Card Name: Assault Drone
Card Type: Minion
Keyword(s): Hardware
Discipline Requirement(s): Tech (3 or greater), Warrior (1 or greater), Warrior (0 or greater)
Resource/Maintain Costs: 4/3
Momentum: Negative
Gametext: If <Crowd Favorite>, does not Unset during the Breather 
<Negative> <Crowd Favorite> 5 Resources : Unset (this counts as a Pass)
Flavor Text: None
Illustrator: Bramasta Aji
Card Set/Number: Promo 016


This is a pretty beefy Minion. Swinging for 4 Attack Damage at only 4 Cost is pretty scary!

How does its gametext work, exactly?

If you’re the Crowd Favorite (leading in Cheer) it doesn’t Unset during the Breather. In that case, however, you can pay Resources to Unset it! This means that, if things go right, you could actually Attack with this Minion more than once in the same Wave.

If you can manage 9 Resources (and you’re the Crowd Favorite), you could both play this Minion and Attack twice with it (assuming it survives!).

If you’re behind (or tied) on Cheer, this is a relatively inexpensive Minion which Unsets normally. It certainly can’t be ignored!

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