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Conqueror, The

The Conqueror
VP: 3
Name: Maximillian Anu, General
Origin: Unknown, Tarn System
Type: Human
Gender: Male
Disciplines: Warrior Mystic

He was a top general for the Tarn Space Rangers, the Tarn system’s most elite military force.  Maximillian had established a reputation for his superior leadership ability which extended for several systems beyond Tarn. In a routine exercise in 2338 his ground vehicle was destroyed by a munitions misfire, and many Rangers under his command were killed in the process.

It was later revealed to Max that he and his men were hit with friendly fire because of an inept (but high-born) superior’s order. The incident was blamed on Maximillian and he was accused leading his squad into a restricted area and disobeying orders, and he was stripped of his title and rank.

Max was paralyzed from the neck down, and was approached by the Ophidians who offered to rebuild his mangled body using military-grade cybernetics.  He joined the Ophidian League as a gladiator in exchange for their assistance.  He fights in the arenas to gain the support and trust of the people, so that he may regain his honor and expose the truth. When he first appeared in the arenas, the bloggers referred to the rebuilt gladiator as Maximillion, in reference to a 20th century Earth entertainment program. The bloggers seem unwilling to let this term go, no matter what his arena persona is.

He is heavily armored, strong, and skilled with most weaponry. For many years he fought in the arenas until he left without explanation.  His triumphant return as The Conqueror has baffled many critics, but the crowds are all too happy to see a warrior with his skills return to the arenas.

2338 Maximillian’s vehicle is destroyed and he is dishonorably discharged from the Tarn Space Rangers
2350 Maximillian participates in the The Red Pariah vs Maximillian
2350 Maximillian participates in the Lothar’s Team vs. Ironsides’ Team
2350 Maximillian participates in the Lothar’s Team vs. Lillith’s Team
2350 Maximillian participates in the 2-on-2 Elimination Tournament
2350 Maximillian participates in the Interview with Maximillian
2350 Maximillian participates in the 16-Gladiators Tourney
2354 Maximillian enters his final match as Maximillian before leaving the arenas for several years.
2360 Maximillian returns to the Ophidian League as The Conqueror with upgraded tech and a newfound desire to be crowned champion.


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