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VP: 2
Name: Leetah Kalynda
Origin: OutWorlds
Type: Construct
Gender: Female
Discipline: Summoner Warrior

Born deaf, Leetah had a troubled childhood and was sold into slavery at a young age. She was wounded in a bomb blast in her teen years. Her masters had her reconstructed and trained as an assassin. She found great success in approaching her victims undetected as her enhancements were not visible or detectable from the outside.

Despite her long list of successful assignments, she dishonored her masters after failing a high-profile mission and they gave her to the Ophidians as way to make amends. She must fight now in the arenas while her masters get all her earnings. She has been impressed her masters in the last few years, and they have given her cybernetic implants like enhanced vision, subterfuge machinery, rudimentary audio receptors, and have promised an operation to give her true hearing, assuming she can continue her streak of wins. The crowds have warmed up to this cold and calculating femme fatale but will she ever be able to hear the crowds cheering for her? Only time will tell.

2349 Leetah enters a division qualifiers and gets a 2VP rank.
2359 Leetah continues to be a solid fighter, and her continued enhancements (and wins) are sure to lead to a VP promotion.

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