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VP: 2 (Reinforcement)
Name: Sara-La Konets
Origin: Unknown
Type: Alien
Gender: Female
Discipline: Psionic

Sara-La Konets is a most unusual creature. Bloated almost beyond measure and slow to maneuver, Sara-La is a rather pathetic gladiator. While she is unable to withstand even the simplest of attacks, her abilities and power levels are surprising. Despite her vast bulk, Sara-La has the ability to channel raw energy using her body as both a conduit and magnifier of that energy. Many boisterous gladiators have had serious injuries or even fatal wounds inflicted upon them as a result of underestimating her. Although her popularity is rather low, Sara-La has made many allies, including Little Jinx, who was once saved by Sara-La from a vicious Bonebeast attack.

She also has an inconsistent ability to catch glimpses of future events, giving her team a slight advantage at times.

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