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Lady Leonore

Lady Leonore

Lady Leonore
VP: 2 (Reinforcement)
Name: Leonor Korug
Origin: Unknown
Type: Alien
Gender: Female
Discipline: Mystic

For many years, Leonor Korug thought that she was the sole survivor of her race after the destruction of her planet. While still a child she was “saved” by a group of criminals from the OutWorlds known as The Icers, who were passing through her system as her planet neared its end. Growing up in their ranks she became a force to be reckoned with – intelligent, sexy and a natural assassin. As she matured, her natural abilities and skills allowed her to assume command of the group.

After The Icers ran afoul of (and were absorbed by) larger bandit organization, the ironically named Georg’s Gentry, she struck out on her own, traveling the vast network of portals and spaceways.  When the Ophidians approached her and offered her information about a lost colony of her people in exchange for serving time in the arenas, she was intrigued.  When they told her that her sister also survived, she agreed to serve a limited term.  Leonor hopes that soon the Ophidians provide more than vague information as they have promised, but the information she seeks has been kept out of her hands until she becomes more active in the arenas, gaining popularity and ratings with the crowds.   As a Reinforcement her opportunities are limited, but she continues to work towards being reunited with her people.

2360 Lady Leonore is enlisted by the Ophidians.

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