VP: 3
Name: Brurg Skuur
Origin: Volke, Justich
Type: Alien
Gender: Male
Disciplines: Warrior BioGen

Karnage is a rare crossbreed between two alien species, gifted with incredible strength. Despite his somewhat unimpressive appearance, his reputation and success in the Justich Arenas reveal just how powerful he can be – especially when the crowd is on his side.

He has a great dependence and love for the crowd’s attention, which some say resulted from being abandoned at the age of 6 cycles. Karnage uses his well-honed warrior skills and his fear-inducing mutations to demolish his foes. His favorite way to inflict pain and rally the crowd is by bashing and slashing opponents.

For Karnage, being a fan favorite and having the crowd on his side wasn’t enough, and after six seasons of always coming in second place in the ratings, he submitted himself to the Komshof Corporation for a series of classified operations.  They were sponsored by the Ophidians, and after four years of recovery and training, he is ready to test his new abilities in the Arenas.

2350 Karnage is acquired by Ophidian League.
2356 Karnage submitted himself to a series of procedures in an undisclosed Komshof Corporation BioGenetic Lab. to enhance himself.
2360 Karnage returns to the Ophidian League.


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