Fist of Kjann

Fist of Kjann

Fist of Kjann
Name: Fist
Origin: Solop Avagar, Justich
Type: Spirit
Gender: Male
Discipline: Mystic

The Fist of Kjann is a powerful Stone Golem Spirit, a towering mass of stone with a near-impenetrable core. Fist is an Elder of the Stone Golem Clan. He has no desire to fight for sport, being calm and good-natured as is typical of the rest of his race. It’s rumored that the Ophidians have forced him into the arena, leveraging some threat against his clan.

Fist smashes his opponents with his unyielding fists and prefers to throw weapons rather than wield them.

2360 Fist begins appearing in Ophidian Arena matches.

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