Deton8 VP: 2 (Reinforcement) Name: N1V3N Navar-one Origin: Unknown Type: Construct Gender: N/A Disciplines: Tech Biography Deton8 is a thinker.  Often he questions himself “What is it like to live? What is life?” Ultimately, he can’t come up with an answer, so he just blows up everyone who gets in his way!

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Devourer of Souls

Another name for Arkzilipul.   Previously the gladiator name for an ancient demon who left the Ophidian League in 2337 after a particularly vicious loss to Arkzilipul, who adopted the name.

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Dorbin Prictor

Avatar of Kistarbak VP: 3*/2 Name: Dorbin Prictor Origin: Kistarbak, Kistarbak Collective Type: Spectral, Legend Gender: Male Disciplines: Psionic Summoner Biography Dorbin Prictor is a Gladiator shrouded in mystery. Publically, not much is known about his origins–the only information released by the Ophidian League is that he is The Avatar of Kistarbak. A relative newcomer…

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Millennia ago, an ancient civilization seeded planets throughout the galaxy with the Dracyyr.  They began as primitive lifeforms that, when threatened, would unleash terrible destruction.  They were meant as a way to forge the native species on different worlds, to remove those that were not strong enough to overcome the Dracyyr, and to temper those that…

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