Abomidor VP: N/A Name: Unknown Origin: Unknown Type: Mutant Gender: Male Disciplines: BioGen Biography All living beings instinctively find Abomidor to be an affront, and a disgusting offense that should not be allowed to exist. A genetic fringe creation brought to you by Doctor Robert Vertex of Komshof Corporation’s Wellness Subsidiary – Genesis Lite. During…

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Angie VP: N/A Name: Angela Foley Origin: Solop Avagar, Justich Type: Human Gender: Female Disciplines: Universal Biography Angie is the textbook definition of “bad” girl, always making poor decisions and messing with the wrong people. Supposedly, she dated David “Freakshow” Dangers, falling for him after seeing a picture of him in a tattoo parlor.  This was also her introduction…

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Animator VP: 2 Name: Jana Storm Origin: Unknown Type: Alien Gender: Female Discipline: Tech Psionic Biography Jana Storm was a simple janitor for the Helix Company. She kept her head down, performing her duties without incident or notice until a demon Gladiator broke into the laboratory. Jana was doing her usual service when the demon attempted to steal some…

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Arkzilipul VP: 4 Name: Arkzilipul Origin: Skiverkilial Type: Demon Gender: Male Disciplines: Mystic Summoner Biography Arkzilipul is from Skiverkilial, a fierce and chaotic demon dimension, and enjoys nothing but inflicting agony, depression, and torment on lesser beings. He has the ability to suck the souls out of mortal creatures, and also relies on demonic relics…

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Azulor Apók

Azulor Apók VP: 3 Name: Azulor Apók Origin: Unknown Type: Demon Gender: Male Disciplines: Warrior Biography The demon Azulor Apók is the most feared and renowned bounty hunter in all dimensions. His reserved nature has left more questions than answers about his background, but some insist that he was one of the Demons Kings that orchestrated the…

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