Azulor Apók

Azulor Apók

Azulor Apók
VP: 3
Name: Azulor Apók
Origin: Unknown
Type: Demon
Gender: Male
Disciplines: Warrior

The demon Azulor Apók is the most feared and renowned bounty hunter in all dimensions. His reserved nature has left more questions than answers about his background, but some insist that he was one of the Demons Kings that orchestrated the first Demon Wars centuries ago alongside the Dark Lord Arkzilipul. That deadly alliance remains unproven.

He suffered a few key losses/failures in his contracts and had to sell off his agency to survive, which ultimately led him to the Ophidians, who offered to assist… for a price.

Azulor Apók is a weapons expert–deadly up close and at range. He is especially popular in the outer circuits, where his precision kills have made some of the more successful gamblers quite wealthy. Some think that he currently uses the fame and exposure to open doors and cloud his real motives, tracking and disabling gladiators that might interfere on his long-term plans.

2360 Azulor Apók is acquired mid-season by the Ophidian League and ranked 3VP.

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