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Robert Shofkom

I was into geek culture WAY before it was cool! I have been collecting (and reading) comic books for over 40 years! I started playing D&D before the 1st edition books were available for sale, and was playing board and card games from the 60’s and 70’s before they were considered “vintage”! My first PC’s were a Timex Sinclair 100 and a Texas Instruments TI99-4a. As a youngster, I loved to show off my “Merlin” along with games like Dark Tower, Atmosfear, and Omega Virus (many of which I still own to this day!) I was the first kid in my neighborhood to demo “Space Invaders” on an Atari 2600! The love of all things “geek” led me to open a comic/game/LAN center in 2003 and we made headlines by having the fastest internet connection for a gaming center in the entire southern United States (we had 10 MEG fiber when everyone else was puttering along with T1’s). I now own an IT company called “Remote IT For SMB Inc.” but managing techs all day just wasn’t filling my “geek quota” so I started “Hack and Slash Games” with my long time friend James Milling. Together with the talented Jason Robinette, we plan on turning out some amazing projects that we guarantee you will enjoy! My goal is to make great games that give people that same feeling of wonder and satisfaction as the innovators of all my childhood favorites did for me!