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Ophidian Arena – Pre-Order

Ophidian Arena – Pre-Order




The ultimate gladiator package, available for pre-order for a limited time!

Each box contains:
1 – Revised Rulebook! This is a must-have, even if you’ve purchased Ophidian products in the past!
2 – 376 cards, including 40 all-new exclusive cards!
3 – 12x laser-cut Rage tokens
4 – 10x 6-sided dice

Included in the 40-card pack:

  • VP Tracker cards for multiplayer games
  • Level 3/4 Gladiator cards for the Gladiators who only had a 1/2 version before
  • Replacement Reinforcement Gladiators, these suckers are far better, give you extra resources, and can even be promoted!

The rulebook will include 4 deck lists to make from the available cards that will work with bone-chilling effectiveness!


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