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Ophidian 2360: People’s Champion


Ophidian 2360: People’s Champion


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This 13-card set contains:

Discipline_Warrior Warrior of State View Card 001
Discipline_Universal You’re Fired! View Card 002
Discipline_BioGen Green Mother L0 003
Discipline_BioGenDiscipline_Warrior Xeno-Quarantine View Card 004
Discipline_PsionicDiscipline_Mystic Give Me Liberty! View Card 005
Discipline_Mystic Spear of the Sparrow View Card 006
Discipline_Universal Contentious Barrier View Card 007
Discipline_MysticDiscipline_Warrior The Revolution L1/L2/L3/L4 008/009
Discipline_Universal The Wraith L1/L2 010
Discipline_SummonerDiscipline_Tech Portalled Cyborg View Card 011
Discipline_Psionic Paranoid Persecution View Card 012
Discipline_TechDiscipline_Summoner Harnessed Dracyyr View Card 013

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