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Ophidian 2350 Two Player Starter Kit


Ophidian 2350 Two Player Starter Kit

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Includes Two 30 card decks; One Cybernetics, Psi, and War deck; One Mystic, Bio-tek, and Portal deck and much more…

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Ophidian 2350 Two Player Starter Kit: Freakshow is a popular gladiator, but desires to be the best. With Opac Sentir, Striking Dragon, and Taa Ra, he will fight all comers in the hopes of saving his stepsister, Alice Jenks (Little Jinx), from the Ophidian arenas. They will be taking on The Fallen One, Maximllion, Bull’s Eye, and Little Jinx! What will Freakshow do?

2-Player Ophidian Starter Includes:
• Two 30 card decks
• One Cybernetics, Psi, and War deck
• One Mystic, Bio-tek, and Portal deck
• Two Foil Cards
• Playmat
• Rulebook with Freakshow intro by Loren Coleman
• 8 6-sided dice for tracking Life
• 35 counters
• 4 counter cards

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Dimensions7.5 × 6.0 × 1.0 in

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