Welcome to today’s installment of the preview of our Kickstarter campaign for Ophidian 2360: Survival of the Fittest!

Today we will be discussing Rage.  Not anger management for your opponent when you clobber them in the game, but how Gladiators become ENRAGED!

From the Ophidian rules:

That little rage mask (and the accompanying ‘happy’ mask) appear like this in Ophidian 2350:
rage1   rage2  anti-rage1
When the icons above were used, they represented the Gladiator’s Rage value, and for abilities they would indicate that an ability could only be used while Raging, or Not Raging.

In Ophidian moving forward, the symbol for Rage (as seen below*) will be the new icon for Rage, and if an ability cannot be used if the Gladiator is Raging, the ability will state that, as opposed to creating a completely different, related icon.
newrage0   newrage1   newrage2

By the way, the RDMG icon above will also be getting a facelift… check back tomorrow for more!

*Note that card images are not final.