Hack and Slash Games RECOMMENDS! – Game Reviews

Hey folks!  As a game company we are committed to the "culture" of gaming and want to showcase it with a new section titled "Hack and Slash Games RECOMMENDS!"  We plan reaching out to the gaming community as well as providing our own running commentary to let you guys know when we find a game that is worth checking out! To get started we have a huge selection of games we traded out with other vendors while at BGGCON 2015...
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The Latest Hack & Slash Games Contest Winner Is…

In our first drawing in December, we have selected a winner... he met us at BGG.CON this year: Bill Valonis  BGG Username: "Lookin4LOS" Dean has won 30 packs of the Ophidian 2350 CCG! It's not too late to enter, we're drawing 3 more times in 2015... so sign up now! Tell your friends! Sign Up Here!
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We're back from BGG.CON, and we got to show the game to a lot of very excited players.   We sold some product, made some connections, and saw a lot of great products! In the coming weeks, we will be posting reviews and discussions about some of our favorite games that we saw at the convention. Stay tuned!
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Hack & Slash Games – Ophidian 2350 contest winners!

Here is the list of winners: Eric Wooley (ewooley) Cody Owens (Merik2013) Derrick Ratliff (The_Laugh) Congratulations to our winners! We will be drawing another winner every week through the end of 2016. It's not too late to enter!  
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