I am serious about gaming!

My name’s Robert, and I was into “Geek Culture” WAY before it became trendy and cool. I have been playing board and card games for over 40 years. Collected comics for over 40 years. Played the FIRST edition of Dungeons and Dragons. My first computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000, followed by a TI-994A. I owned one of the very first Atari game consoles. I opened my own hybrid comic and gaming shop in 2003, and made life-long friends that still game with me to this day.

So when I saw an opportunity to jump back into gaming with “Ophidian 2350”, I jumped in with both feet. Together with one of my best friends of more than 12 years, we started Hack and Slash Games to make great games!

Actions speak louder than words, so here is the proof.

We have invested in the purchase of over one million dollars worth of “Fleer Entertainment” Ophidian 2350 product.  Over EIGHTEEN THOUSAND pounds of cards (packs, boxes, starter sets, boosters, displays, etc. etc.) have arrived in our Texas holding facility while we build momentum for the relaunch of this game.