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Ophidian 2360: Survival of the Fittest – Supplemental Pack

Ophidian 2360: Survival of the Fittest – Supplemental Pack


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Did you get one of each Challenge Set?  Are you looking for a full playset?  This pack contains 29 cards, and will give you 3 of each Strategy card for the ultimate in deck building options!  (Shipping in November 2016)

50 Abomidor
51 Gelatinous Beast
56 Exhaustion Flu
58 Open Sores
60 Savage Bite
62 Adaptation
64 Fist of Kjann
67 Sand Spirit
68 Kaleem’s Desire
73 Elemental Energy
75 Let Freedom Ring
77 Revitilization
81 Berserker’s Rage
84 Intimidation
87 Terror Blast
89 Wrath
92 Brood Mother
94 He Who Hungers
95 Kanterkin
96 Nameless Hero
97 Pab’an Mercenary
98 Pab’an War Chief
102 Portal Prison
105 Komshof Mutate
112 Helix Gun Pod
120 Physstra Befouler
124 Kal Tasha’s Molten Hammer
135 Trophy Hunter
137 Glit Tharr


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