Blighted Blade

Card Name: Blighted Blade Card Type: Pump Keyword(s): Demonic Discipline Requirement(s): Summoner (2 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 5/Cannot Be Maintained Momentum: Response Gametext: Plays on target non-Spectral Gladiator when it takes 2 or more <ADMG> When Pumped Gladiator Attacks, owner of this card chooses the target of the Attack. Flavor Text: none Atribute Modifiers: -1 Life, +5 Rage Illustrator: Alexander Kozachenko Card Set/Number: SotF 100 Curses!  That's what this card is all about... cursing your opponent.  If you can get close enough to stick the blade into them, it...
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Paranoid Persecution

Card Name: Paranoid Persecution Card Type: Quick-Hit Keyword(s): Dracyyr Discipline Requirement(s): Psionic (2 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 6/N/A Momentum: Negative Gametext: Each player must Set X Gladiators they control, where X = 1 + the number of Dracyyr in play. For each Gladiator that a player cannot Set, that player must deal 1 <XDMG> to a Gladiator they control. Flavor Text: After the Dracyyr Uprising of 2333, Dracyyr are either executed or enslaved upon discovery. Their unpredictable nature and destructive potential are far to dangerous in...
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Clairvoyant Orb

Card Name: Clairvoyant Orb (Unique) Card Type: Pump Keyword(s): Relic Discipline Requirement(s): Psionic (2 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 5/Cannot Be Maintained Momentum: Negative Gametext: Unset Gladiator only +3 Max Hand Size Flavor Text: This artifact seems both ancient and advanced Atribute Modifiers: -2 Rage, -1 Attack Damage, +1 Defensive Damage Illustrator: Dimas Wijil Card Set/Number: SotF 078   How does this one work? Let's start with the obvious stuff... if you put it on your Gladiator, they let you draw more cards, Rage easier, and add Defensive Damage, all...
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Assault Drone

Card Name: Assault Drone Card Type: Minion Keyword(s): Hardware Discipline Requirement(s): Tech (3 or greater), Warrior (1 or greater), Warrior (0 or greater) Resource/Maintain Costs: 4/3 Momentum: Negative Gametext: If <Crowd Favorite>, does not Unset during the Breather  <Negative> <Crowd Favorite> 5 Resources : Unset (this counts as a Pass) Flavor Text: None Illustrator: Bramasta Aji Card Set/Number: Promo 016   This is a pretty beefy Minion. Swinging for 4 Attack Damage at only 4 Cost is pretty scary! How does its gametext work, exactly? If you're the Crowd...
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