Strategy Session - Blighted Blade

Blighted Blade

Card Name: Blighted Blade
Card Type: Pump
Keyword(s): Demonic
Discipline Requirement(s): Summoner (2 or greater)
Resource/Maintain Costs: 5/Cannot Be Maintained
Momentum: Response
Gametext: Plays on target non-Spectral Gladiator when it takes 2 or more <ADMG>
When Pumped Gladiator Attacks, owner of this card chooses the target of the Attack.
Flavor Text: none
Atribute Modifiers: -1 Life, +5 Rage
Illustrator: Alexander Kozachenko
Card Set/Number: SotF 100

Curses!  That’s what this card is all about… cursing your opponent.  If you can get close enough to stick the blade into them, it saps their will and drains them, allow you to dictate their movements, and making them a much easier target.

It’s also quite handy if you want to finish someone off but they are Raging.  That +5 can really calm someone down… in many cases that means no more Rage!

Finally, that -1 Life is a way to do Damage that can’t be healed.  It doesn’t trigger Rage, and can’t be prevented by Shields.  5 is a lot to do a point of Damage, but if it’s the last point a Gladiator has… it’s probably worth it!

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